GOOD TRASH offers open source upcycling solutions for companies to freely use in reducing food waste. Bespoke consultancy partnerships are also available to co-create customised models fitting brand sustainability goals.

Upcycling Food Waste Solutions
Free Open-Source Upcycling Solutions / Paid Customised Upcycling Solutions
Established in 2020

Turning Waste into Opportunity

GOOD TRASH, an impact-focused service by TBA, aims to lower food waste in the F&B industry while creating value. This sustainability initiative transforms ingredient scraps and unused elements into inventive new consumer products.

The Mission

Our mission is to help businesses find the sweet spot between:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Revenue Opportunity
  • Ease of Implementation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Commercial food waste remains a substantial global issue. GOOD TRASH has identified the main deterrents of repurposing food waste and has developed commercially-viable solutions to upcycle leftovers into imaginative items.

Besides benefiting the environment, this simultaneously connects brands with conscious consumers. Shoppers keenly support companies that share their values like conservation. Promoting sustainability also strengthens positive public perception

The Offerings

Good Trash has developed waste-free recipes and upcycling processes that any business can freely leverage to reduce food scraps, including:

  • Turning fruit leavings into bar syrups and jams
  • Creative initiatives like making juice pulp into granola
  • Turning expired yogurt powder into bath bombs, perfect for 'Gift with Purchase' (GWP) initiatives

For bespoke solutions, Good Trash can customise upcycling collaborations with partners as a sustainability consultant. But existing protocols are open source models that brands can voluntarily adopt to progress eco-minded objectives.

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