Transform your products into experiences through collaborations with passionate culinary professionals on ChefCo. Our all-in-one solution built on trust facilitates partnerships end-to-end.

Culinary Professionals Platform
Recipe Development, Catering, New Product Development, Events, Training
Established in 2017

Bringing Brands and Talent Together Through Food

ChefCo, a TBA innovator brand, is the leading culinary professionals platform that seamlessly connects food and beverage brands with talented chefs, mixologists, and other culinary professionals.

This all-in-one solution transforms how brands activate products through partnerships. On ChefCo, culinary talent showcase their skills and credentials within a searchable global database to get discovered by—and collaborate with—renowned brands.

Reimagining Brand Activations

In today’s market, sophisticated consumers crave experiences over commodities. ChefCo facilitates collaborations that turn products into memorable culinary events.

Brands can discover hundreds of qualified, passionate culinary creators to develop pop-ups, cooking classes, tasting menus, and an endless array of opportunities. ChefCo handles partnership management from matchmaking through contract tracking.

The platform also allows mixologists to receive brand sponsorship for crafting new recipes that showcase spirits in food pairings or innovative drinks. Even special dietary creators get support for demonstrations relevant to health-focused consumers.

Why ChefCo?

For brands, ChefCo optimises ROI on partnerships through its streamlined process built on trust and transparency. Culinary talent join a supportive global community that links skills with serious opportunities.

It's free to create or search profiles, making ChefCo accessible to all brand scales and creator types.

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