Get data-backed recommendations on optimal partners and channels to penetrate based on product-market fit and projected ROI.

Entering a New Market / Market Expansion
Identify Optimal Partners & Channels
Established in 2015

Strategic Market Mapping for Optimised Growth

Whether you are entering into a new market, or thinking of market expansion, Bullseye, a TBA solution, provides brands with data-driven market research identifying the highest potential partners and channels aligned to their China launch strategy.


The channel analysis involves:

  • Evaluating the brand's products, positioning, and expansion objectives
  • Mapping specific retail venues, e-commerce sites, importers with ideal fit
  • Auditing performance data like foot traffic, margins for target partners
  • Delivering a prioritised list of distribution bullseyes tailored to launch goals

Bullseye also compiles channel profiles and matrices categorising major F&B outlets. Exporters can compare venue data and get insights on promising targets beyond just distributors.


Bullseye can provide:

  • Market overviews showcasing growth rates and cycle stage analysis
  • Research on channel correlation to guide synergistic venue selection
  • Competitor analysis
  • Custom reporting with data visualisations and strategic recommendations

The goal is providing thinking frameworks to help exporters identify and respond to opportunities in China.

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